The Dos And Don'ts Of Food On Your Wedding Day

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The Dos And Don'ts Of Food On Your Wedding Day

10 March 2017
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Planning a wedding and reception can be quite a massive undertaking because every little detail counts. This statement is particularly true when it comes to food. When choosing a menu for your special day, you want to do more than simply choose food you like. Instead, there are a handful of dos and don'ts you want to keep in mind to ensure you get it right.

Don't Start Without A Budget

Make sure you have your budget established before you start planning the menu. The amount you spend on catering can take up a sizeable amount of your budget if you aren't planning correctly. While you want your guests to enjoy their food, you also don't want to spend so much that you can't afford to have some of the other elements you want for your big day. It's a smarter idea to complete your budget first and then plan your wedding menu around what you've allocated for food.

Do Think About Your Clothing

Do you love red sauces and red wine? If the answer is yes and you're wearing a white dress during your reception, you might want to save these selections for another time. Always think about what you will have on as well as your other guests. In addition to staying away from highly staining foods, you might also want to avoid foods with a high grease content and those that don't fit on the fork easily, such as long, thick noodles.

Don't Be Cheap

There is a difference between saving money and being cheap. You can easily save money while still accommodating your guests, but cheap can sometimes translate into outright offensive. For instance, having your guests pay for their own drinks is sometimes a stretch, especially when you consider the effort they've put forth to spend the day with you. If you can't afford an unlimited open bar, simply offer a limited bar that only offers low cost options.

Do Offer Variety

Always keep in mind that everyone doesn't like everything you like. If you have a very limited menu, you are more likely to have guests at the reception who can't find anything to eat, which spells very unhappy people. Even if your budget isn't vast, you can still find a way to offer variety to ensure everyone is accommodated. Even if this means forgoing a seated dinner for a buffet of an array of finger foods, this will ensure there is something for everyone.

The more effort you put into planning your menu, the better the day for you as well as all your guests.