Add Fresh Salads To Your Restaurant's Menu

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Add Fresh Salads To Your Restaurant's Menu

9 March 2020
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If you feature an array of grilled foods at the tavern you operate, a patron who is health-conscious or uninterested in consuming a heavy meal may forego ordering from your menu. Investing in a salad bar will allow you to expand your sales and provide your patrons with the opportunity to customize their orders.

A Refrigerated Unit Will Preserve Freshness

Your grilled dishes may still be a hit among the majority of your customers, and your cook may be busy filling the orders and not have the time or space to prepare individual salads. If you purchase a refrigerated mobile unit, you have full control over what food items are added to the spread and all of the preparations can be made before you open for the day.

Feature a specific salad type and use fresh ingredients to fill each reservoir that runs along the length of the salad bar. A refrigerated unit will guarantee that greens, fruits, and seafood specialties will remain fresh throughout the course of the day. In addition, the items that are left over when it is closing time can be bagged and refrigerated, prior to setting them back up on the bar the following day.

Specials Can Be Integrated

Many people may avoid items that contain artificial ingredients or that contain an unhealthy amount of fat or sugar. With a salad bar, you are promoting a healthier lunch or dinner option, without needing to go all out to individually prepare each meal. Use a sign or two to advertise the new bar setup and invite your patrons to help themselves to an all you can eat session or offer a discount on a regularly priced meal.

For instance, if you decide to promote an endless salad, your customers may be interested in treating themselves to a few different salad styles. People won't feel rushed and may be inclined to spend extra time at your establishment, indulging in a few beverages or other menu items while they are there.

If you offer a discount on regular menu items, as long as a salad is ordered with each one, you are increasing the odds of catering to a larger crowd than you normally would. A portable salad bar can be used both indoors and outdoors, expanding your serving options and allowing you to take full advantage of the square footage that you have at your disposal.

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