Find One Of These Barbecue Sauce Types If You Have Dietary Restrictions

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Find One Of These Barbecue Sauce Types If You Have Dietary Restrictions

1 September 2020
Food & Cooking, Blog

A lot of people shop for barbecue sauce solely based on the type of flavor that appeals to them. If you have dietary restrictions, however, you're likely used to carefully perusing the labels of products to look for those that are safe for you to eat. While it's true that certain dietary restrictions can prevent you from enjoying some types of barbecue sauce, the good news is that many sauce companies produce wide ranges of products while keeping people who have dietary restrictions in mind. Here are some different types of barbecue sauce that can be suitable for those who have various dietary restrictions.

Low Sugar

There are many different reasons that some people try to avoid products that contain added sugars. For example, perhaps you have blood sugar issues and your doctor has advised you to stay away from foods that are overly sweet. Lots of barbecue sauces have sweet flavors, but you might be happy to know that some companies produce low-sugar (and even no-sugar) sauces. Some of these sauces simply don't contain as much sugar as other sauces. In other cases, you'll find sauces that use artificial sweeteners to provide a sweet flavor that won't affect your blood sugar.


If you're careful to avoid consuming gluten, you'll want to specifically shop for barbecue sauce that has a gluten-free logo on the label. Whereas some sauces may use gluten as a thickening agent, other sauces ensure that none of their ingredients contain this type of protein. Whether you have a gluten allergy or a gluten intolerance or you're simply trying to keep gluten out of your diet because you feel a lot better when you do, you'll be safe to use a specific gluten-free barbecue sauce in your meal preparations.

Low Sodium

Most barbecue sauces have more of a sweet flavor than a salty one, but that doesn't mean that sodium isn't among their ingredients. If you're trying to keep your intake of sodium low, you need to be vigilant about checking the labels of any prepared foods. Fortunately, there are several different types of barbecue sauce that contain only a small amount of sodium per serving. This variety can be ideal if you have concerns about your blood pressure, for example, because a diet that is high in sodium may cause issues with your blood pressure. Look for these specialty types of barbecue sauce at a barbecue sauce retailer.

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