How To Choose Private Chef Services For Dinner Parties

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How To Choose Private Chef Services For Dinner Parties

30 April 2021
Food & Cooking, Blog

How can you choose the right private chef services for your next at-home event? Before you select a chef, take a look at the top questions to ask.

Do You Have an Existing Menu?

Does the chef have a menu of options for your to choose from or will they customize the meal to fit your needs? If the chef works from their existing menu, ask what choices you have. This could include appetizers or starters, salads, soups, mains, sides, and desserts. Along with the overall options, talk to the chef about the type of cuisine they cook.

Some events may require a specific type of food or you may have a cuisine preference. If you feel a classic French menu is the best choice for your at-home event, but the chef's existing menu only includes Asian fusion selections, continue your search.

Can the Chef Customize the Menu?

You've established the chef's menu matches your dining needs. But do they have the experience, skills, and references you're searching for? Before you cross a seriously skilled chef off your list, ask if they can customize some or all the meal options. While the chef may not want to completely restructure their menu or change their cooking style/cuisine choices to fit your event's needs, they may agree to some substitutions.

Along with changes based on your personal preferences, ask the chef about the possibility of customizing the meal for your guests' food allergies or dietary restrictions. This type of customization may not require the chef to completely revamp their menu. Instead, they may omit specific ingredients—such as tree nuts, dairy, soy, or meat.

Where Does the Chef Cook the Meal?

Will the chef use your kitchen or theirs to prepare the meal? While the place of preparation may not necessarily impact the meal, you need to know the answer to this question before the professional comes into your home. It's possible the chef will need specific accommodations, equipment, or more than one area to adequately prep and cook everything on your event's menu.

Who Will Serve the Food?

Does the chef cook and provide food service—or does their job stop in the kitchen? A small, intimate dinner with a handful of guests may not require an elaborate service routine. But if your event is a packed party, you may need to hire extra hands to help serve the meal.

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