3 Coffee Service Add-Ons Ideal For Your Office

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3 Coffee Service Add-Ons Ideal For Your Office

17 September 2021
Food & Cooking, Blog

Coffee and businesses often go hand-in-hand. Employees get that extra boost of energy with each new cup and complimentary coffee is a nice way to treat your hardworking employees. As you set up coffee services for your business, the process includes a lot more than just a coffee maker and some coffee.

Coffee add-on options will improve the quality of your coffee and give you a lot of versatility in your coffee service. Consider some of the following add-ons for your business and implement them when you order coffee services.

1. Ice Machines

Hot coffee is a go-to option for many employees, but some workers may prefer iced coffee as their main beverage option. Easily keep iced drinks organized with the purchase or rental of a small ice machine for your business. An ice machine will generate larger quantities of ice so you don't have to constantly fill ice trays or worry about running out.

An employee can easily scoop out some ice for their cups and make the beverage of their choice. The size of the machine will typically depend on the space you have available.

2. Routine Maintenance

Over time, coffee grounds, hard water, and general debris can all build up inside a coffee maker. Without proper cleaning, the change of coffee could change and not create the coffee flavors they are supposed to. When working with a coffee service, look into the routine maintenance options to go with the machine.

Every few months or so, a qualified maintenance worker will come to clean your machine. Ideally, you could schedule the cleaning to take place during times when coffee is not in high demand. The cleaning process breaks down all the parts within the machine and gets them all back in mint condition. You will notice an improvement in the brewing and flavors.

3. Breakroom Supplies

Coffee services includes the option for more than just a machine. You could purchase break room supplies to come on a regular basis. The supplies could include disposable cups, stirrers, and napkins. After a couple of months, you will have a pretty good idea of how much supplies you go through on a daily basis.

To help reduce waste, check out the options for the supplies. Some disposable cups may be completely biodegradable or made with recycled materials. You could also order bulk mugs that are run through a sink or dishwasher that can then be used the next day.

Once you build a routine, employees will take advantage of the benefits and truly appreciate the coffee service you provide.