2 Chocolate Products That Can Take Your Candy From Drab To Delightful

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2 Chocolate Products That Can Take Your Candy From Drab To Delightful

29 July 2015
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Sometimes when people make their own chocolates, you can tell. In addition to being different shapes and sizes, those chocolates might be missing some of the special decorative touches that accompany professional grade candies. However, by investing in the right materials, you might be able to put a personal spin on those chocolates. Here are two chocolate products that can take your candy from drab to delightful:

1: Interesting Molds

Wouldn't it be nice if you could pop out perfectly symmetrical, interesting chocolates in a jiffy? Believe it or not, easy-to-use silicone chocolate molds are available in a huge range of themes. By simply piping melted chocolate into these molds and waiting for it to set up, you can create perfect, professional-looking chocolates each and every time. Here are a few tips for using chocolate molds:

  • Keep Size In Mind: As you shop for chocolate molds, remember that size matters. Think about how the chocolates will be used, and whether or not they need to be bite-sized. You might need a large mold if you are making chocolate centerpieces or candy bars, while a smaller version might be perfect for cupcake garnishes. 
  • Work In Layers: To make your candy more interesting, work in layers. By filling the bottom of your mold with white chocolate and topping it off with dark, you can create tasty, beautiful chocolates.
  • Remove Bubbles: If air bubbles get trapped inside of your chocolate, it might ruin the effect. To remove bubbles, gently tap your chocolate mold on the counter as you work. 
  • Watch the Edges: As you pipe melted chocolate into your chocolate mold, watch the edges carefully. If you overfill the mold or leave drips behind, it could make your chocolates look messy when they cool.

Although you might be excited to see how those chocolates are going to turn out, resist the urge to release them before they are completely set up. If you release chocolates early and the insides are still molten, the entire chocolate could lose its shape and shiny sheen.    

2: Colored Cocoa Butter

Ah, the chocolate box dilemma. Since every chocolate looks identical, it can be hard to tell them apart—leading to underappreciated bites of nuts, caramels, or fruit-flavored fondants. However, by using colored cocoa butter, you can customize each chocolate to reflect its inner goodness.

Sold in tubs or plastic squeeze bottles, colored cocoa butter can be poured or brushed into chocolate molds prior to the rest of the chocolate. Once chocolates are cooled and inverted, the colored cocoa butter creates a decorative top. Cocoa butter is a pale yellow vegetable fat derived from actual chocolate, so it behaves like chocolate and won't interfere with the texture or flavor of your candies. Cocoa butter is available in a huge variety of colors, ranging from neon pink to deep ocean blue. Some cocoa butters even contain edible glitters to create a metallic or multi-faceted look. For example, you might decide to top off those chocolates with a touch of silver or a glimmer of gold.   

Since cocoa butter is solid at room temperature, some tubs need to be warmed slightly to make the butter liquid enough to spread. As you work with colored cocoa butter, keep water far away from the inside of the container. Since water and oil don't mix, a few drops of water could be enough to seize that cocoa butter and render it useless. If you use a water bath to warm cocoa butter, make sure the outside of the container is completely dry before you pop it open.  

By investing in a few chocolate products, you might be able to make your chocolates look professional and unique. See a website such as http://www.abdallahcandies.com for more information or advice.